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The International CEO Congress is a platform where academicians, entrepreneurs, public-private-NGO managers, artists and graduate students share information in the fields of communication, economics, entrepreneurship, management, organization and social sciences, and aim to improve the academic, social and cultural quality that is open to the participation and contributions of all segments.

The main purpose of the congress is to contribute to the development of a culture of communication, economics, management organization, entrepreneurship, innovation and scientific research. In this framework, it is aimed to develop human, social and cultural capital.

The authors of each submitted paper are given a "Certificate of Participation" and some papers suggested by the Chairpersons are given the "Best Paper Award".

The congress has organizing, advisory, scientific and pear review boards from various countries of the world.

Papers presented at the congress are published in the abstract '' Abstract Book'' and full text “Proceedings Book” with ISBN number.

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